Sublicensing Opportunity

We have been working on licensing opportunities for those who want to spread their songs outside of their countries. Our licensing agreements are non-exclusive and can be terminated at any time.

Please find below a list of our current opportunities:

  • Streaming (background music) services in Southeast Asia.
    You will get 50% share from what we receive from our partner.
    Played in retail outlets and food&beverage chains in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and some other southeast Asian countries. Please check the details here.


  • Streaming (background music) services in Japan.
    We are looking for songs for a background music streaming service which will allow your songs to be played in restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, etc. in any commercial outlet in Japan. Any genres (instrumental or vocal) are welcome. Bossa Nova, Latin, and traditional Japanese sound music (e.g., Koto, taiko sounds) are especially in demand, The terms and conditions will be determined after we have a certain amount of songs is submitted.
    Please submit your songs using the following form.

Please contact us if you are interested in these opportunities and registering your music, or if you have any questions.