Sublicensing Opportunity in Southeast Asia

JSC International Entertainment is currently collaborating with Express In Music(EIM), a company that streams background music to retail outlets and F&B chains in Southeast Asia.

Your music, that is registered and approved through us, will be used with EIM’s cable streaming system and broadcast commercially at the outlets that EIM currently offers music streaming service; in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and others.

Every quarter, 50% of the revenue that EIM receives from their clients will be distributed to us, and we will distribute 50% of what we receive, for your songs, from EIM, to you.

Please submit your music or contact us  if you have any questions.


Q. Are there any fees the artist has to pay?

A. No. There is nothing an artist has to pay to us.

Q. Is it still okay if I sell my music at my gigs and on my website or other outlets?

A. This is a non-exclusive agreement, so there is no problem if you play and sell your music at other outlets.

Q. When and how will I receive royalties for this opportunity?

A. Every quarter (every three months), play count will be calculated and royalties will be distributed, and paid, via PayPal.

Q. Is there anything I should check before I sign the agreement?

A. Because of royalties issues, songs should not be registered on any copyright collection societies or companies. However, this depends on which organization you have registered your music with. Please contact us for further details.

Q. Is there anything an artist has to do after registering their music?

A. No, there isn’t anything that artist has to do. Please wait to receive royalties.