Production & Promotion

Produce and promote meaningful, high quality music with a positive message, to impact people and society.



Offer and present an opportunity for original songs to be streamed as background music, in retail outlets, hotels and restaurants in Asia.


Japanese Translation & Intermediary

Assistance with conveying the artist’s individual voice to a Japanese audience, by translating and creating their materials, as well as aiding with communication between artists, Japanese companies and the public.




Preserve great, historic music and encourage new, creative possibilities
Support modern music in today’s world

古き良きものを守り、新しいものを伸ばす  - これからの時代の音楽活動をサポート

Provide valuable services that artists and companies need, in today’s rapidly changing music industry. Support and help them gain genuine satisfaction and fulfillment.


Contribute to the culture of past, present and future music and society, by presenting the world’s traditional music over to the next generation, and supporting new musicians and music.


By deepening international exchange through music, provide opportunities to enrich people’s lives and raise awareness and understanding of art and peace.